• 1. The Registration for the National Initiative for Technical Teacher Training (NITTT) is two phase registration process. In the first phase, you have to submit the basic details and the second phase you have to submit the professional details.
  • 2.Kindly use Gmail account for the first phase registration
  • 3. Kindly upload your photo with a size less than 30 kb.
  • 4. The password for registration shall be different from your mail password.
  • 5. There are two types of payments you have to furnish. One type of payment is registration fee Rs. 2000/-. The registration fee may be paid during the registration process. The second type of payment is Rs. 1000/- per module. There are totally eight modules in the pedagogy MOOCs.The payment for the module can be paid from your login. The registration id will be generated only if you have completed registration and module payments.
  • 6. Certificate for the training programme will be issued based on the successful completion of the eight modules with proper registration id.
  • 7. Once you are completed the registration, you will be redirected to the www.swayam.gov.in. In the SWAYAM portal you can login with its own authentication process and undergo the MOOCs. The Authentication process for NITTT login and SWAYAM login are purely separate.
  • 8. New users Kindly Check the Spam folder for second phase registration mail after successfull completion of first phase registration

New Registration